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Shot – Exploring the pristine beauty of Surma coffee


Surma coffee beans when using the shot brewing method exude a wild and elegant flavor. Like vibrant Aboriginal dances, Shot boldly captures all the essence of Surma coffee beans. Every drop of coffee that bursts out clearly depicts the original beauty of the bean. The color and taste make all the senses of the audience satisfied by the richness and purity of the difference.


Shot preparation method


Shot is a method of mixing that satisfies the taste buds that everyone loves because of its depth and intensity. The brewing method takes the coffee beans as the center and uses high pressure and high temperature to squeeze out the most quintessential drops. Coffee beans through hot water and extreme pressure seem to be able to hold nothing. Shot pulls out the original flavor of the grain in a quick and decisive way. Therefore, the pure beauty from the land, the grower deep in the seed is also condensed in a delicious shot. The rich, clear coffee easily awakens all senses. Shot brings a unique refreshing feeling, extremely attractive.


Surma coffee through Shot freely radiates its original beauty


Acidity, clear body


The deep brown color has beautiful depth. Enjoy a cup of Surma Shot, immediately impressed like a “sprite” explosion in the oral cavity. Shot seems to be trying to let Surma show off the original beauty in every grain. Surma’s acidity, which is already high, is now brighter through extreme pressure. Citric acid competes to radiate intensely. Not only that, the body surma shot is smooth, the carbonic acid in the cup of coffee freely stimulates all the receptors. They boldly attack and release dopamine that takes the viewer from overwhelmed to sublimely euphoric.

Surma acidity through the shot is condensed, enhanced but not offensive. By means of compression, skillful pressing and extremely high temperature, the balance and body of the surma shot reach perfection. Acid, no matter how bright, still blends smoothly at the tip of the tongue. Because Shot evokes not only a sour taste but also a subtle sweetness.

cà phê surma pha shot


Fresh taste of East African mountains


Surma is a specialty coffee line that contains all the unique flavors of the indigenous region. Therefore, through the shot of Surma coffee beans, the flavor is more intense and profound, more comprehensive. Each note of incense paints before your eyes the vast and majestic landscape of East Africa. Surma coffee cup contains the scent of highland wind of pure underground flow. Taking the first sip of coffee, the scent of orange blossom, jasmine, rose, damask ran straight into my mind. Not the scent that just lingers on the tip of the tongue, but the scent of flowers blooming in the desert. The fragrance is rich, seductive, arrogantly, directly without covering it up. Following the floral scent, Surma invites people to experience the new sweetness of summer berries. The crunchy texture of watermelon, the sweetness of strawberries and the stimulating sour taste of juicy apricots and lemons. Sweet and sour, refreshing and unique like the highland air. Each taste in turn has light touches to each emotion cell. Shot as a “runway” for surma to show off the unique features of the mysterious East African nature

cà phê surma pha shot


Detailed instructions on how to make a delicious Shot Surma


A perfect cup of Surma shot requires a lot of meticulous technique. Even the preparation tools are very methodical and thorough. The brewing process needs to meet strict standards for temperature and pressure. The bartender needs to be very dedicated and focused to control the pressure and balance throughout the extraction process.

  cà phê surma pha shot

>>>See details on how to make a standard cup of Shot Surma coffee here

Nothing is more ideal than enjoying a cup of Surma Shot when you are tired. Surely that intense bold flavor will wake you up with just the first click. Like a vibrant tango dance that pulls the mind from abroad back to reality. If you are interested in this wild taste of East Africa, come to 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to experience it.


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