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Purpurascens coffee – The price comes from the pink color


Purpurascens coffee is a new coffee variety with a pink color throughout the entire plant including leaves, stems and flowers. This uniqueness is due to the developmental configuration of the internal genetic code. They impact and cause the tree to be covered with a new, attractive pink layer. Not only that, purpurascens coffees are also very popular and have high prices because of their unique flavor and rarity. Let’s find out with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!!


Why does coffee mutate purpurascens


The morphological characteristics of the plant will be determined by DNA or RNA. DNA will be made up of genes, and alleles are specific variations of genes that will determine how the plant’s morphological characteristics develop. According to Oliveiro’s research, coffee purpurascens is a genetic mutation in the chromosomal DNA sequence of the coffee plant. In particular, the mother tree roots have a mutant allele with a pink color characteristic for tree tissues. Although this does not prevent the normal formation of leaf tissue, it can be passed on to future generations. That is, the gene in the parent variety, after many times of pollination, will produce some offspring with a set of chromosomes with more pink plants. This mutation can occur in several Coffea species including arabica, robusta (or canephora), liberica and racemosa.

cà phê đột biến purpurascens


Coffee mutant purpurascens with genetic characteristics useful in breeding


During his research, Oliveiro noticed that coffee plants with the purpurascens mutation had lower yields and were more susceptible to pest attacks. However, when the mother plant originates from the Arabica plant, it is easier to spontaneously cross purpurascens varieties. Some variants have evolved and possess new highly valuable characteristics. For example, coffee mutant purpurascens from the Maracaturra variety at Finca El Socorro farm, Guatemala. After a period of development, although the yield is lower than the mother plant Maracaturra, it has a different and richer flavor profile. In particular, through rootstock grafting techniques and growing purpuracea varieties on a commercial scale, the farm has achieved great results, exceeding expectations. Purpuracea coffee helped Finca El Socorro farm win the Guatemala Cup of Excellence competition. This is clear evidence for the uniqueness and value of the genetic structure of purpuracea mutant coffee.

cà phê đột biến purpurascens


The valuable taste of purpurascens mutant coffee


The coffee mutant purpurascens not only has valuable genetic and biodiversity benefits for the coffee world. Some professional coffee roasters, after tasting wet-processed Purpurascens mutant coffee, were surprised by its sophistication and diversity. The acidity of coffee is very high and sharp. The aftertaste lasts forever with a very unique depth. The texture and complexity of Purpurascens coffee also reached a rich and perfect level with a high score. Several cups of Purpurascens coffee grown in Guatemala consistently received over 90 points with popular aromas such as black currant, ripe plum and lychee.

cà phê đột biến purpurascens

In addition, when undergoing natural processing methods (dry processing), purpurascens mutant coffee beans are enhanced in sweetness, creating a flavor beyond imagination. The excellent acidity changes from citric to malic and acetic, making the sensory flavor richer with notes of plum, cotton candy, boiled pear and green tea. It is the uniqueness and vividness of this flavor that makes purpurascens mutant coffee highly appreciated and commanding sky-high prices.

cà phê đột biến purpurascens

It can be seen that the coffee world is always colorful and full of novelty. Every step forward in the cultivar shows the strong potential hidden within them. If you want to explore and enjoy the unique flavors of specialty coffee, visit XLIII Coffee – The brand developed from its predecessor 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!

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