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Pregnant women can drink coffee?

Pregnant women can drink coffee? Is it good for pregnant women to drink coffee? Nutritional issues with pregnant women are always concerned because it greatly affects the health of mother and baby. Many people believe that pregnant women are not allowed to drink coffee. What do experts say about this question?


Pregnant women can drink coffee?


Pregnant but craving coffee, what to do? Many people often advise pregnant women to avoid drinking coffee or tea so as not to affect the baby. However, pregnant women can still drink coffee but must control their caffeine intake to no more than 200mg/day (equivalent to a maximum of 1 cup/day).

Phụ nữ có thai uống cà phê có tốt không


Coffee without caffeine


Each type of coffee will have a different amount of caffeine. There are also coffees with 97% caffeine removed to serve guests who can’t / do not like this substance. That is Decaf coffee. This will be a useful solution for those who crave coffee but do not like caffeine like pregnant women.


The amount of coffee pregnant women can drink every day


The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has had studies showing that pregnant women can consume about 355ml of coffee (1.5 cups), corresponding to 200 milligrams of caffeine per day without affecting the health of pregnant women and pregnant women. fetal development.

=> Pregnant women should not drink more than 1 cup of coffee/day.

Before drinking, pregnant women should find out the caffeine content in coffee to control the intake not too much. In addition to coffee, tea, soda or chocolate, … also have caffeine, pregnant women need to pay attention when drinking these drinks.


Serious consequences when pregnant women drink too much coffee


Pregnant women who drink too much coffee will experience the following health problems:

– High blood pressure: Drinking too much coffee during pregnancy can lead to high blood pressure. With cases that have a history of this disease, it is even more careful. Therefore, consult your doctor before deciding whether to consume this beverage or not.

– Insomnia: Many pregnant women face insomnia during pregnancy, especially in the last months of pregnancy due to the rapid growth of the fetus and many changes in the mother’s body. Therefore, if you drink too much coffee, the insomnia of pregnant women is even more serious, making you extremely tired.

Low birth weight: Mothers who drink too much coffee during pregnancy can be a factor in causing the baby to be born with low birth weight and increase the risk of jaundice or some respiratory diseases.

– Pregnant women are more stressed: There is a lot of caffeine in coffee, if you drink too much, the body will increase the production of cortisol. This is also the hormone that increases the stress response in pregnant women, thereby affecting the child’s ability to regulate emotions.

Increased risk of miscarriage: Consuming too much coffee during pregnancy can also increase the risk of miscarriage, stillbirth.

Caffeine can also cross the placenta and affect the developing organs in the fetus because the baby cannot process it.

– Pregnant women who drink coffee or drinks with a lot of caffeine also stimulate the fetus to make the baby active for a long time.

Pregnant women can drink coffee?

Above, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster helped readers answer the question Can pregnant women drink coffee? Is it good for pregnant women to drink coffee? Pregnant women need to pay attention to the problem of eating and drinking, there are foods that even though they like, they cannot eat comfortably because it will affect the fetus – a weak individual that has not yet fully developed as an adult.

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