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Peruvian specialty coffee in Ho Chi Minh is ideal with pure sweetness


With its delicate flavor and high quality, Peruvian specialty coffee has successfully conquered the hearts of those who have an endless passion for flavorful beans. Many coffee lots in this country require enthusiasts to spend a lot of effort hunting for months. With many days and nights traveling from South America, these coffee beans are now in Ho Chi Minh ready for you to enjoy. Join 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to discover interesting facts about Peruvian specialty coffee in Ho Chi Minh immediately!


Peruvian specialty coffee in Ho Chi Minh brings original sweetness


The aromatic features of Peruvian specialty coffee in Ho Chi Minh have created a new highlight in the series of experiences for indigenous people.


The people of Saigon are familiar with this thick black substance


Coffee culture in Saigon has unique characteristics that are difficult to confuse. Coming here, you will often encounter simple people with cups of black, fragrant coffee. The bitter taste is neutralized with the sweetness and coolness because it is added with lots of sugar and ice. Many tourists coming here often have difficulty understanding why a drink that is both bitter and sweet like sweet soup is so popular in Saigon. These simple cups of iced coffee can be found everywhere, in popular small shops, luxurious modern shops, on sidewalks, by small alleys, or on big streets,… And regardless of Morning, noon, or late at night, there seems to be no time for customers to buy iced coffee. But perhaps this person’s “taste” is like that. They like coolness, love the blend of bitterness and sweetness, and enjoy its natural goodness.

cà phê đặc sản Peru tại Hồ Chí Minh

Coffee culture in Ho Chi Minh is simple with iced black coffee


People are excited to receive the new flavor from Peruvian specialty coffee


Although they love and are familiar with iced coffee, its characteristic sweet and bitter taste, according to the development and expansion of society, people in Ho Chi Minh City are gradually catching up with new trends. The younger generation also accepts new coffee styles and wants to enjoy diverse flavors. Therefore, many shops and types of coffee from many countries: Peru, Colombia,… are gradually introduced, promoted, and breathed a new breeze into the city’s flavor experience chain.

Following the new wave of coffee, Peruvian specialty coffee in Ho Chi Minh has also captured the attention of coffee lovers here due to its sweetness and uniqueness. Many drinkers have a special love for the interesting identities of South American coffee that it brings. In addition, the sophistication and diversity of experiences make Peruvian specialty coffee captivated by many indigenous people. The flavors that make users excited when drinking Peruvian specialty coffee in Saigon are those that have the feel of chocolate, chestnuts, and berries grown in Southeast Peru. Occasionally, some people will also be interested in the citrusy, fruity scent of coffee grown in the North or the sweetness of coffee originating from Central Peru.

cà phê đặc sản Peru tại Hồ Chí Minh

Peruvian specialty coffee in Ho Chi Minh has also attracted the attention of coffee lovers here because of its sweetness and uniqueness (space at XLIII Coffee Ho Chi Minh)


A place to experience authentic Peruvian coffee in Ho Chi Minh


To experience the special flavor of Peruvian coffee in Ho Chi Minh, you should not miss XLIII Coffee – 178A Pasteur, Ben Nghe, HCM. This place is built according to the coffee shop model, focusing on providing a variety of products from pure, high-quality specialty coffee beans. Peruvian specialty coffees at XLIII Coffee are imported officially through direct trade from famous growing regions around the world. Coffee beans will be applied to sustainable farming methods in the agroforestry model, harvested or completely wet processed on the farm to ensure the cleanliness and unique flavor of each land.

cà phê đặc sản Peru tại Hồ Chí Minh

The cup of Peruvian specialty coffee at XLIII Coffee includes only one type of coffee from a specific growing region that is officially imported through direct trade

Moreover, coffee at XLIII Coffee is roasted to an extremely light level by the brand’s experienced roasters. This level of roasting allows the beans to be less susceptible to chemical changes while maximizing the development of inherent aromatic compounds. The brewing method at the shop is also loyal to three main methods: Filter, Shot, and Milk Base with the main ingredients being coffee and water. A cup of Peruvian specialty coffee in Ho Chi Minh sent to customers will only include one type of coffee from a specific growing region. This helps the experience to fully enjoy the characteristics of the cultivar, the land, and the original unique values of the indigenous people.

cà phê đặc sản Peru tại Hồ Chí Minh

The space at XLIII Coffee is streamlined and modern, bringing a new and exciting feeling while enjoying Peruvian specialty coffee in Ho Chi Minh

Experiencing Peruvian specialty coffee in Ho Chi Minh at XLIII Coffee is not only a journey of discovery about flavor but also an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the diverse coffee culture in the world. You can both enjoy and listen to stories about the farm, production, and preparation. For those who are passionate about coffee, this is a place worth testing. Please visit XLIII Coffee’s specialty coffee shop!

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