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Mexican coffee production increases despite production challenges


About 90% of the structure of coffee production in Mexico is small-scale farmers with an area of ​​2 hectares or less. These farmers are struggling to face challenges such as interest rates, rising input costs, and labor shortages due to the world economic crisis due to limited budgets and resources. However, according to the annual report of the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), Mexican coffee production will continue to grow steadily in 2023. To learn more, let’s explore 43 Factory Coffee Roaster through the article. this is it!


Mexico’s coffee production is facing great challenges


According to the most recent USDA report, Mexico’s coffee industry is facing many challenges due to lack of resources as well as inconsistent investment from private enterprises. Many programs to support Mexican farmers, such as the public-private replanting program, have been stopped by many private businesses. This combined with an increase in production costs (seedlings, fertilizers, machinery, etc.) can affect the output, quality of coffee or even make it impossible for many farmers to continue. stick with the profession.

In addition, the Mexican coffee industry is facing a labor shortage due to people migrating to other countries. This situation is getting worse when the Mexican Government enacted policies to prevent illegal immigrants from entering Mexico through the southern border. Currently, the labor force is mainly from Central America or Guatemala. These people usually only work part-time, do not have enough skills and experience to ensure the best quality finished products like local workers. Not only that, they can also leave coffee production to move to other areas with a higher working environment or salary, such as tourism.

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The situation of Mexican coffee production increases despite difficulties


Despite many difficulties in production, Mexican coffee is still considered a bright spot in the whole industry. According to the USDA, by volume, Mexico’s total green coffee production will enter the Global Top 10 in 2023. Coffee production is also expected to exceed 2021/22 and increase sharply in the 2023/24 crop year.

According to the International Coffee Organization (ICO), by region, Central American and Mexican coffee production in the 2022/23 crop year increased slightly by 0.36% compared to the previous crop year to 19.73 million bags. Coffee exports also increased 2.4% in February to 1.4 million bags in the first five months of the 2022-2023 crop year.

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Why does Mexican coffee production increase in difficult circumstances?


Despite the difficult situation, coffee production in Mexico is still growing steadily thanks to the following drivers according to FAS analysis:

– Effectiveness from the use of disease-resistant varieties coupled with a period of relatively high international coffee prices has encouraged increased production and production.

– Various programs led by the Mexican government designed to support small-scale farmers including: The Sembrando Vida (Seeds for Life) program encourages planting, intercropping and shading with the participation of 6,000 nationwide Mexican producer; Mexico’s Replanting Program – a partnership between the Mexican government and private industry (GOM) has helped prevent the spread of coffee rust and increase yields for the new crop.

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It can be seen that, thanks to practical policies, supportive efforts from the government, and the consensus and response of farmers, Mexico’s coffee industry has remained stable in the face of difficulties. This could be a happy ending for this country’s coffee farmers and a shining example for other countries facing similar problems. Did you see that?

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Reference source: dailycoffeenews

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