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would it be a scheme of God?

Love, would it be a scheme of God?
Because true love can guide us to the pathway of passion, longing, and the dream of fulfilling our aspirations; then, we will not be fell and be grateful for what God gifts us.
The scheme was successful when being introduced to someone who dedicates their life to coffee beans as the people in 43 Factory Coffee Roaster. We can’t help the flavor of nature, kindness, and creativity. Hence, protecting the purity of coffee means everything to a farmer, a barista, and people who love the coffee’s aromatic flavor.
Back to the origin, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster follows the aroma that clings to coffee’s peel to cherish, appreciate and preserve where it originally belongs, which we keep in mind and share with our dear friends. That aroma will connect people in faraway lands – all in a kiss.
To protect the origin, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster will be mindful of all conditions to preserve the most suitable environment to maintain coffee’s beauty. However, crossing oceans with several negative impacts, a coffee bean’s balanced quality will not be gone.
We have our love and passion in every batch of roasted beans. The technique of light roasting brings the full flavor of motherland into every single cup, which is a flawless stroke to describe the origin.
Together under the Black Afara tree, our dear friends and we taste the exquisite flavor and look back to the origin of the cup of coffee in our hands.
43 Factory Coffee Roaster is the successor of this scheme. We have fallen for God’s plot. That love is a philosophy of 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to live and to work.

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