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Is the condominium coffee model slowly dying out?



Once profitable and convenient for residents, the condominium coffee model is now facing various issues causing customer dissatisfaction. Is it slipping down the path of decline? Let’s find out with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


What is condominium coffee?


Condominium coffee refers to coffee shops built within condominium complexes. The owner will transform a unit into a coffee shop, providing convenience for the residents of the condominium. People can simply take a few minutes to ride the elevator to enjoy various delicious drinks.

For various reasons, there are now quite a few coffee shops located within condominium complexes. Not all owners have the financial capacity to rent independent spaces. To save costs, the concept of condominium coffee seems to be a good idea. Many shops have gained popularity and attracted numerous visitors.

Initially, this model was well-received by many. However, over time, it has revealed some drawbacks that have caused customer dissatisfaction.

condominium coffee


What are the drawbacks of condominium coffee?


After a period of launching, this coffee model has failed to maintain its initial appeal. What has led to customer dissatisfaction with condominium coffee?


Because they are located within condominiums, coffee shops must adhere to the general regulations set by the management board. Opening and closing hours must follow the condominium’s schedule. Many places require closing the gates as early as 9-10 PM. This is the time when customers are emotionally ready to relax and chat, but they have to leave, which dampens their mood. Who would choose a coffee shop that turns off its lights just as they start to feel cozy? Additionally, some places prohibit bringing pets into the condominium, which may disappoint those who want to spend time with their furry friends. Some condominiums even charge elevator fees, albeit not high, around 3,000 VND/ride, which also leads to customer dissatisfaction.

Inconvenient Parking

Many condominiums do not allow outside guests to park, or the parking spaces are full, forcing people to search for parking elsewhere. For foreign tourists or those using Grab services, this may not be a big issue, but for locals, having to circle around to find parking and then walk to the coffee shop is a significant drawback.

Deteriorating Infrastructure

Older condominiums inevitably suffer from deteriorating infrastructure. Some condominium coffee shops have small areas, only enough for about 30 people. During peak hours, customers have to wait in line to order. Some units are located on higher floors, and on days when the elevators are out of order, customers have to climb several floors to get a drink. With such experiences, few people would choose to come back for a second visit. Moreover, condominium coffee shops are not independent entities but are built in conjunction with other condominiums. Therefore, in places with poor sound insulation, noise can affect customers, which is another factor contributing to the decline of this model.

condominium coffee


Ways condominium coffee survive


The difficulties mentioned above are challenging to change, so many condominium coffee shop models choose to develop their strengths to compensate for their weaknesses. Many shops focus on service quality, improve their menu to retain customers. To overcome some of the regulations set by the condominium management, many shops offer elevator fee support for customers. The main customers of these types of establishments are foreigners, who are curious about this business model, so they may come back again.

Instead of trying to adjust things beyond their control, they keep customers engaged by changing the decorative theme according to the seasons, expanding the menu, and improving service quality.

Despite the bustling atmosphere of urban streets, condominium coffee shops still have their own charm and attract a relatively stable number of Western customers.

43 Factory Coffee Roaster has provided readers with some realities that condominium coffee shops are facing and the chosen solutions to survive in this challenging environment.

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