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Is single origin coffee specialty coffee?


Coffee enthusiasts are probably no strangers to single origin coffee. With unique flavor and traceability, some single origin coffees are recognized as specialty coffees. So is any single origin coffee a specialty coffee? Let’s find out with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


The nature of single origin coffee


Single origin coffee is understood as coffee coming from one country, region, one farm or a very small batch. These types of coffee are often produced in limited quantities, strictly controlled at every stage, so the output is small and the quality is outstanding. Because coffee is uniquely sourced from a certain region, traceability is high. Consumers can know information about the country, region or even the farm and batch number of the coffee. Some single origin coffees also possess characteristics such as aroma and flavor that can represent the growing environment.

However, coffee experts say, the consistency in single origin coffee is not really clear. Although it can and is often understood to mean coffee from a single producer or farm. But it can also mean coffees from a large area, with many different farms or territories, and the existence of coffee beans that do not meet certain standards.

cà phê single origin có phải là cà phê đặc sản


Is single origin coffee specialty coffee?


Specialty coffees can be blended or from a single source. Because what matters from a “specialty” perspective is the quality of the final product and the value to the entire supply chain. According to the old definition of SCA, specialty coffee must score above 80 points on the SCA assessment scale, have no primary defects and less than five secondary defects, meeting the criteria to ensure livelihoods for farmers. population, socio-economic balance and sustainability in all aspects.

cà phê single origin có phải là cà phê đặc sản

According to the new definition, specialty coffee needs to have quality and unique attributes (internal and external) that create overall quality, not confused or mixed with other types of coffee. In particular, internal attributes include form, appearance, chemical composition and sensory characteristics such as size, coffee bean structure, roasting level, descriptive profile and cupping score,… External attributes are information about the product, including origin, name of manufacturer or supplier farm, certifications of quality, environmental protection, and private brand. These attributes of specialty coffee must ensure quality, taste, ethics, and sustainability, creating transparency and traceability, contributing to economic and cultural stability and contributing to the cause of the disease. protect nature.

Therefore, the elements of single origin coffee are not enough to become specialty coffee. To become specialty coffee, in addition to easy origin traceability, single origin coffee needs to meet strict criteria for quality, ethics, transparency and sustainability comprehensively from the production process. to supply.

cà phê single origin có phải là cà phê đặc sản


Why should you choose single origin coffee?


Although single origin coffee does not mean specialty coffee, it still has its own values worth experiencing. First, the taste of coffee in each region is very different. You can enjoy a variety of unique flavors with each type of coffee from many different growing regions. For example, Ethiopian coffee will have notes of fruits and berries. Burundian coffee beans will have a bit of sweetness from milk chocolate, tangerine butter and iced lemon tea. Furthermore, if it meets the standards of specialty coffee, single origin coffee can give you great experiences in terms of taste and quality assurance.

cà phê single origin có phải là cà phê đặc sản

In addition, single origin coffee has higher traceability than regular coffee. Especially for types of coffee, users can know exactly where it comes from, what batch number it comes from, and also the cultivation and preliminary processing methods. This clarity and transparency not only strengthens trust in quality but also creates reputation for the manufacturer and values ​​for the sustainable development of the entire supply chain.

cà phê single origin có phải là cà phê đặc sản

In the specialty coffee collection at XLIII Coffee – the predecessor brand developed from 43 Factory Coffee Roaster are batches of single origin coffee imported from farms and cooperatives from all over the world. Specialty coffee beans are strictly cultivated according to sustainable standards and meet international certifications. If you want to experience different flavors, please visit and feel it!

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