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Finca Rosenheim – Coffee estate in the heart of wild Peruvian nature


Finca Rosenheim is an outstanding farm with extensive organic coffee plantations. This is an estate inspired by the pristine beauty, miracles of Peruvian nature and original, clean standard coffee beans; a place like paradise for like-minded souls, free to connect and immerse themselves in the world of lovely and sharp flavors of rare Arabica varieties. What features will this coffee world have? Let’s explore with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


The prime location of Finca Rosenheim estate


Finca Rosenheim was bought by Mr. Mark Bolliger’s family in 1998 and started his relationship with coffee production in 2004. The farm is located in the primeval forest of central Peru, right on the world coffee belt – where fully converge the perfect conditions to create special coffee.

The 40ha wide area stretches on the rich Andes plateau, with an altitude of over 1,600m to help coffee trees grow strongly. The diverse ecosystem including many unique local climates (microclimates), fertile soils and a rich environment allow coffee beans to gather the essence to create a different and distinct aroma. In addition, each microclimate has a different level of biodiversity. The flora and fauna in these environments are symbiotic, acting in many different ways, making the coffee flavor change flexibly according to the characteristics of each region and become more enchanting.​

What’s more, Finca Rosenheim is right near the Villa Rica coffee road – the intersection of three coffee cultures from Peru, Austria-Germany to the Andean. People have the opportunity to approach, share and learn new skills and techniques of farming and processing, thereby helping to enhance the taste of coffee beans, making each drop of aroma more rich with depth of deposition.

Finca Rosenheim


Impressive, unique Finca Rosenheim with original single batches of coffee


With the orientation of producing original specialty coffees, the coffee batches at Finca Rosenheim always have their own distinctive markings. Unlike most farms that source seeds from cooperatives or third parties, Finca Rosenheim only uses seeds from its own nursery. Every process from seed to finished product is done on the farm and is strictly controlled, clear and transparent. Farm staff will carefully select the healthiest Catimor, Caturra, Colombia, Bourbon or Typica coffee beans and send them to specialized areas of the plantation. Here, coffee trees are cared for completely organically according to each variety’s own regime to ensure the best growth. They are also closely monitored during each stage of the growth cycle so that the grain texture is always maintained at the highest level and is stable during each growing season. In particular, Rosenheim Estate also focuses on improving production, processing and drying processes to enhance the uniqueness of the taste as well as ensure excellent quality in each finished coffee bean.

Finca Rosenheim


How Finca Rosenheim Coffee is Made


The coffee at Finca Rosenheim is grown organically, without the use of synthetic fertilizers or chemicals to control pests, weeds, fungi and insects. Instead, farmers use Yara Mila Hydran (compound fertilizer) as the main fertilizer and decayed coffee grounds to add organic matter to the plants. They also constantly improve the soil, revive the forest, raise more bees so that coffee can grow in the most natural and harmonious way with the surrounding environment. When the green beans gradually turn red, they will be carefully picked by farmers. After that, the coffee beans will go through different sorting and processing processes such as wet preliminary processing, anaerobic fermentation, natural processing to enhance the taste and diversify the experience.

Finca Rosenheim

Each coffee lot of Finca Rosenheim is nurtured by the quintessence of heaven and earth and the enthusiasm and preciousness of Peruvian growers. The magical flavor that results should be a worthy result, a gift that nature bestows on diligent efforts day and night.

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