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Expert’s recommendations on replanting coffee trees


In the current context of soaring coffee prices, farmers are actively replanting coffee trees after a long period of hesitation. However, this replanting must still align with the provincial planning roadmap. What do experts advise on this matter to ensure maximum benefits for farmers? Let’s explore in this article with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


The farmers are replanting coffee trees vigorously


Recently, there has been a remarkable surge in coffee prices, breaking all previous records. At one point, the price of coffee exceeded 65,000 VND/kg – the highest figure in the past 15 years. This has motivated farmers in the Central Highlands to actively replant coffee trees after feeling “disappointed” with this crop.

replanting coffee treesThe increase in coffee prices serves as a motivation for farmers to actively replant coffee trees

Ms. Hoàng Thị Hoài from Ea Ning commune has recently replanted one hectare of coffee. According to her, in recent years, coffee prices have been steadily increasing. Especially from May until now, coffee prices have surged, reaching a peak of 65,000 VND/kg. This is the highest price in the past 15 years. Additionally, Ms. Hoài decided to return to planting coffee because this type of crop is suitable for the local soil and climate, and the farming techniques are not too difficult compared to pepper, durian, avocado, etc.

Ms. Hoàng Nghĩa An, the owner of An Van nursery (Cư Kuin district), stated that this rainy season, many farmers are planting coffee. Many households have bought from 500 to 600 seedlings at prices ranging from 3,000 to 6,000 VND per plant, depending on size. Ms. An’s nursery alone has sold tens of thousands of coffee seedlings, with periods of being sold out.

Mr. Phạm Bá Thủy, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ea Ning commune, stated that the whole commune has nearly 1,000 hectares of coffee, with 30% of the area undergoing replanting. From the beginning of 2023 until now, farmers in the whole commune have replanted 50 hectares.


Expert Recommendations on replanting coffee trees


Replanting coffee trees can bring good news to both farmers and the domestic coffee industry, but it must still be carried out within the prescribed framework.

replanting coffee trees

Mr. Phan Viet Ha, Deputy Director of the Institute of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of the Central Highlands, stated that the country has more than 710,000 hectares of coffee. The Central Highlands alone accounts for about 650,000 hectares, still exceeding the national planning.

Reducing the area of coffee cultivation is not appropriate

According to Mr. Ha, coffee trees are suitable for the conditions and soil of the Central Highlands; farmers have mastered the techniques, making it sustainable. Moreover, the coffee market is global, and prices are high. It is encouraging that after experiencing many lessons from the rush to plant pepper, avocado, etc., farmers realize the sustainable value of coffee and are vigorously replanting. However, Mr. Ha emphasized that in the upcoming plan, it is still necessary to reduce areas of unsuitable coffee cultivation, focusing on improving quality, producing specialty coffee, deep processing, etc.

Note on new EU regulations

Farmers need to pay attention to the new EU regulations on the origin of coffee, specifically: products such as coffee, cocoa, wood, and rubber… if originating from areas with deforestation or degradation will not be allowed to export to the EU market.

Proactive coping with climate change

According to forecasts, from next year, the El Nino phenomenon will have a clear impact, causing droughts and severe heatwaves. Therefore, farmers must proactively manage agricultural techniques, water sources…

Since the beginning of 2023, there have been off-season rains in the Central Highlands, causing significant coffee flower drop, affecting this year’s coffee yield. However, with good care, farmers can mitigate yield losses.

Above are some expert recommendations on replanting coffee trees provided by 43 Factory Coffee Roaster. It is hoped that this information will help farmers optimize the replanting process, improve income in line with the increasing trend of coffee prices.

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