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Experience coffee and enjoy new cakes at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster Da Nang


43 Factory Coffee Roaster Danang is famous as the ideal destination for experience lovers who love to discover new things. The workshop space is designed to be one with nature with a diverse menu from coffee to healthy cakes. Modern style mixed with a bit of classic to help you have moments of relaxation. Let’s explore the factory with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


Western space at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster Da Nang


43 Factory Coffee Roaster Da Nang is located right in the middle of Tay An Thuong neighborhood, Da Thanh was built in an extremely attractive European style. The spacious panorama with the surrounding wall is covered with transparent glass to help catch the fresh sunlight from the sun and help the view to be wider. The space is simple but polite and polite, very suitable for dating, meeting friends or studying.

43 factory coffee roaster đà nẵng

Outside the workshop, there is a Koi pond and lush green trees. The outside seating is integrated right in the lake, making people experience as if they are immersed in the colorful fish swimming around. The air is filtered by the tree canopy to make the coffee on hand more fragrant. You can stop right in the lake to enjoy coffee, watch the flow of people passing by and freely release your soul into nature.

43 factory coffee roaster đà nẵng

The inside of the shop is decorated like a factory with a world map of coffee and genuine coffee machines are delicately displayed to create a novel and impressive appearance. The space combines ancient wood tones with modern black and white colors to create a sense of familiarity but still luxurious and comfortable. Seats are sofas, wooden tables, iron chairs arranged at a moderate distance apart so that when meeting to enjoy coffee, cakes, study, with friends or work, there is still privacy but not restriction.

43 factory coffee roaster đà nẵng

Right in the center is the enclosed bar with rows of benches so you can drink your coffee while watching the factory workers perfect the cup. Trees, coffee boxes from all over the world are also cleverly combined with the space to increase the experience for each customer visit.

43 factory coffee roaster đà nẵng

Diverse menu from specialty coffee to cakes of 43 Factory Coffee Roaster Da Nang


Attractive coffee from Specialty Coffee around the world


If you are a specialty coffee lover, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster Da Nang is the right place for you. Coffee at the factory are selected beans from the most famous farms and cooperatives around the world such as Ninety Plus of Panama, Gesha Village of Ethiopia, Finca Soledad of Ecuador,… Quality batches of coffee undergoes a wet pre-processing process to the factory and is roasted extremely light by 43 Factory’s experienced roasters to keep the essence inside. The brewing method is also carefully researched, through shot, filter, and milk base, the coffee bean flavor sublimates but still retains the original characteristics. When drinking, you will not feel the bitter taste, but the clear, slightly sour, sweet aftertaste is characteristic of each growing region. It can be hydrangea, orange, milky notes of Mejorada; Sidra’s Lavender, Soursop, Strawberry from the mountains of Ecuador. Or the sweetness of hibiscus flowers, purple plums, blackcurrants of Peru’s El Lechero #130 or the freshness of tropical fruits and tea when enjoying Ethiopian tomatoes. The scent is not picky but richly diverse to satisfy the conquering desires of the experiencer.

43 factory coffee roaster đà nẵng

Moreover, coffee information is transparent and detailed through tags or small stories shared by the workshop’s workers. Thereby, users know thoroughly the cup of coffee in hand from each growing area, farmer, harvest time, batch number, incense, body, …. Especially all types have achieved 85 SCA or more to ensure ensure each touch cell is immersed, satisfied in the taste of happiness. Coffee beans are roasted at “extremely light”, so the coffee flavor is light, creating a cup of coffee in color.

The natural taste combined with the open space creates a feeling of freedom and comfort from the bottom of the heart. They turn into a stream of water flowing into the depths of the bone marrow, purifying the sorrows, bringing the owner of the coffee cup to the pure color land of the origin. That’s something that probably won’t be found in any other coffee shop, a very unique feature only found at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster.

43 factory coffee roaster đà nẵng

Enjoy fresh batches of pastries every day


In addition to a relaxing space, quality coffee, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster also has delicious pastries. The factory’s cakes are always made fresh every day, so the slices are soft and moist. The ingredients used are fresh and of natural origin such as natural sourdough yeast, whole grain flour, cereal grains, suckers and fruits, etc., so it is very good for health.

43 factory coffee roaster đà nẵng

As soon as the door opened, the scent of cakes and coffee filled the room. Whenever you feel hungry, need to recharge some energy, you can order a 43 Factory cake right away. The workshop has a whole collection of delicious European standard Pastry. Topping the list are Sourdough Brownie, Arabica Biscuits with rich cocoa, chocolate or Arabica Canele flavors with vanilla flavor. Arabica madeleines small shell shaped beautiful butter, milk. Creamy sourdough cinnamon roll of cheese, cinnamon sugar. Sourdough croissant, soft and spongy banana. Each type has its own flavor but is delicious, just one bite will make you happy all day.

43 factory coffee roaster đà nẵng

A place that covers all needs of enjoying coffee, cakes, relaxation, and great check-in like 43 Factory Coffee Roaster Da Nang have you tried it yet. The space and the coffee and cake menu at the factory will definitely make you enjoy the colors of life. If you have the opportunity, please visit the factory!

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