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Drink Gesha Coffee – Where to go?


Have you found a good place to drink Gesha coffee yet? Gesha coffee makes many people interested and curious not only because of its high price but also because of its attractive and new aromas. However, not all establishments know how to preserve the delicate aromas of coffee beans. In this article, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster would like to introduce to readers a prestigious address to try and feel a cup of Gesha coffee with full flavor.

A good place to drink Gesha coffee

Specialty Coffee in Vietnam

If you love Specialty Coffee in general and Gesha Panama in particular, then come to 43 Factory Coffee Roaster. It is not only a coffee shop but also a roaster – a place famous for respecting and protecting the origin of specialty coffee beans.

Coffee beans are preserved with the typical flavor of the homeland is preserved – where they are nurtured to become firm and qualified. Each variety has a different scent. What is the trick?

That’s thanks to the extremely light roasting method. This is a bold decision of 43. Because it seems to be going its own way in the tastes of the Vietnamese people. They love coffee and are used to coffee with a bitter taste. In such a savoring culture, 43 chose an extremely light roast – the degree of roasting that maximizes the original flavor of the coffee beans. There, the characteristics (flavor, caffeine, etc.) of the coffee beans will be kept most intact. Coffee will bring flowers, fruits, favoring sour, sweet and less bitter flavors. This will create a new definition of coffee flavor, different from those that go deep into the human subconscious. Obviously it’s not easy, but 43 Factory still decided to go with specialty coffee. Because 43 wants people to love and receive a certain coffee bean for its truest thing. This is respect for customers, it is also respect for coffee.

Specialty Coffee in Vietnam

To bring a variety of experiences, the Workshop applies many different ways of preparing:

– Strong, and passionate like Shot

– Gentle, delicate like Filter

– Flexible to transform like Milkbase

The workers here are all artisans with skillful hands, sensitive to taste and especially passionate about coffee.


You can find the Workshop at one of two addresses:

Lot 422 Ngo Thi Sy, My An precinct, Ngu Hanh Son district, Da Nang

178A Pauster, Ben Nghe precinct, 1 district, Ho Chi Minh

43 Factory Coffee Roaster is not only the ideal place to drink Gesha coffee

Specialty Coffee in Vietnam

43 Factory Coffee Roaster is not only an ideal place to drink Gesha coffee but also a place to sublimate the love of coffee. Perhaps many people think that coffee is simple, but in fact, every profession has its difficulties, and so is the coffee industry. To bring delicious cups, Workers must try to think of the recipe, roasting method, amount of water, … constantly cupping to evaluate and perfect the taste,… Just a small cup of coffee but contains the enthusiasm of an entire team.

The love for coffee is shown right from the import stage with transparent ingredients to each farmer and growing area. The factory always makes sure to know and understand the quality of coffee before delivering it to customers. You can also check that through the coffee tag attached when serving. Although only a small part, 43 Factory always wants to contribute to the coffee industry. The coffee beans here are all “ethic” coffee beans!

Beautiful, comfortable space to enjoy

Besides those things, the space here is also worth enjoying with a unique and modern shelf design. 43 Factory is like a big greenhouse located in the middle of a Koi aquarium (with Da Nang facility). You can enjoy delicious coffee while playing with colorful Koi fish. Because there are always seats in the middle of the lake. Beautiful scenery and good coffee always motivate people to walk.

The restaurant is decorated quite simply. The large area with spacious tables will be the right place for those who want to study and work.

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