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Coffee tag and customers’ experience

At 43 Factory Coffee Roaster, each cup of coffee when delivered to a customer is accompanied by a coffee tag with information about the type of Specialty coffee being served. That tag plays an important role in sharing stories. What is the use of the coffee tag in the customer experience? Find out in the article below.


What does the coffee tag reveal?


The coffee tag is known to be popular mostly at Specialty coffee shops, where people are interested in the beans. Coffee tag plays a huge role in the journey to learn the taste of coffee beans. It is not wrong to say that the coffee information tag contains a part of the soul of that round cup of fragrant coffee. What are the reasons?

If you consider the user and the coffee cup as strangers, the coffee tag is a tool for customers to understand the basic information about the cup of coffee:

Origin: Country of origin, specific growing area, detailed farmer and even farm owner information. This information is provided more carefully when customers scan the QR code on the information tag and access the public news page at the affiliated website;

Cost of input materials: Costs paid to farmers/cooperatives/suppliers (Paid for Farmer/Cooperative/Producer) – based on the form of the supplier; FOB price (the price of green coffee is calculated up to the time the batch of coffee is delivered at the seller’s port, excluding any additional costs); DDP price (inclusive of taxes, fees, insurance and related costs when raw materials are delivered to the buyer’s warehouse);

About the coffee: Variety, cultivation altitude (Altitude), preliminary processing method (Processing), SCA score (Score), harvest season (Harvest) and outstanding flavor (Cupnote);

About roasting parameters: roasting degree, roasting time, growing time, growth rate and finishing temperature of roasting batch;

– About the standard of water for making coffee: Content of Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, ..;

– About the ratio of preparation according to each brewing method applied at 43 Factory: distance, extraction rate, extraction temperature, extraction time, extraction rate, soluble solids content TDS and required pressure.


Does the coffee tag affect the customer experience?


The answer is of course yes. Each coffee bean used reflects the characteristics of where it was grown, growing conditions, preliminary processing and journey to the user. Coffee flavor is the synthesis from the coffee bean itself combined with the characteristics of soil, climate, harvesting method, preliminary processing method, etc.

Specialty Coffee in Vietnam

Does the coffee tag affect the customer experience?

The coffee tag gives the user an initial visualization of the type of coffee being placed in front of them. No need to try it, customers seem to have a little bit of an image of the coffee bean flavor, characteristic aroma and hidden flavor behind.

Then you drink a cup of coffee and rejoice because the coffee is not only as delicious as they think it is but more than that.


How does the coffee tag affect the user experience?


For those who have a passion for coffee, they love coffee and want to learn everything about the coffee they like and tag coffee with expertise, thereby diversifying the user experience.

The same coffee variety, but each preparation method, export ratio, and type of water used will give a different flavor. Coffee tags give users an interpretation of the coffee they are using, so they understand how the product they use is made.

Dispensing standards are not stereotypes, they are subject to change based on the barista’s experience. The baristas at 43 Factory Coffee have researched, researched, and devised a recipe from which to preserve and sublimate the original flavor of Specialty Coffee and bring it to market. Users will appreciate and appreciate the coffee cup created by the barista’s efforts

While enjoying a favorite cup of coffee while “sipping” the information on the tag will make the user nod that “so this is the right water standard”, “it turns out that extraction with this ratio will make the smell worse.” the taste is more delicate and clear”… They will feel lost in the coffee world and freely “enrich” their experience.

The coffee tag shows respect for the coffee bean, the care for the user experience of 43 Factory Coffee Roaster.


Coffee Tag and Specialty Coffee


Specialty Coffee is a coffee that preserves its original identity. 43 Factory Coffee understands that and always tries to protect and spread the separate stories behind each coffee bean. Coffee beans at 43 Factory always ensure transparency about each farmer and production batch. These are clearly stated on the coffee tag, users can scan the QR code printed on it for more detailed information.

A coffee tag reminds users of the origin of coffee beans, is a citizen identification card for people to identify Specialty Coffee. It is also a clear demonstration of the motto of 43 Factory Coffee: Find and protect the origin.
Every worker at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster strives to perfect their skills every day to deliver original flavored coffees to customers. If you love Specialty Coffee, come to 43 and feel our love of coffee.

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