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43 Factory Coffee Roaster – Quiet space in the bustling Saigon


After the hustle and bustle of life, you will probably miss the silence to listen to yourself. The minimalist space of 43 Factory Coffee Roaster would be a perfect choice. Modern design with black and white tones creates a feeling of simplicity and luxury, and the sweet aroma from specialty coffee will awaken the energy from deep inside. Let’s find out about this interesting café right away!


43 Factory Coffee Roaster stands out with 2 black and white colors


Perhaps you will be attracted to 43 Factory Coffee Roaster at first sight by the glossy black color that covers the entire space. The outside is pure black but not heavy thanks to the transparent glass door. The inside is blended with plain white, the black-and-white combination gives the shop more depth. Choosing a corner of any space here also makes users excited by the elegance, comfort, cleanliness, and peace to produce pure flavors from specialty coffee cups.

It has 3 floors with different decorations. The 1st floor surprised every one because of the strange décor. Instead of exhibiting artworks, the café displays coffee boxes from all over the world for coffee lovers to enjoy. The white color of the coffee box as opposed to the black of the wall is very prominent. There isn’t a chair at all, as you’ll be resting right on the hollowed-out black walls. Right in the center is the mini-ecosystem with a cool blue color that makes many people admire it.

The 2nd and 3rd floors have modern dispensers, tone sur tone with black walls. Everyone can drink coffee while watching the staff slowly bartending. The tranquility and spacious tables and chairs are suitable for those who need to find a place to study, work, and read. In general, all 3 floors pursue a minimalist style, not fussy, simply with single-color tables and chairs that create a very unique ego. 

Any angle in the 43 easily helps you get luxurious photos with millions of views.


Go to 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to enjoy the strange taste of coffee


The drink here offers is specialty coffee, also known as specialty coffee. Unlike the bitter taste of Robusta beans favored in Vietnam, 43 Factory uses Arabica seeds that are less caffeine and especially milder and lighter. As a result, you can feel other flavors of coffee beans. 

43 Factory Coffee Roaster

In particular, users can also create a standard coffee with the dedicated instructions of the workers of 43 Factory Coffee Roaster. Or simply enjoy and listen to the interesting story about the coffee cup in hand. Interesting and different, the workshop will be a working, relaxing place worth experiencing with many new things about specialty coffee.


Road to 43 Factory Coffee Roaster in the heart of Saigon


Just passing by, you can see that the workshop stands out with its “dark room” appearance full of art. The workshop is located at 178A Pasteur, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, right in the heart of District 1 in the bustling city of Saigon. But don’t worry about getting the wrong way or getting lost because new subtle gears will show you the way.

43 Factory Coffee Roaster

43 Factory Coffee Roaster always welcomes you to come, giving you original peaceful values, remember when you return. A place for you to be free with your ego, peace, and daily life with clean fragrant coffee.

Come to the workshop to experience exquisite coffee and personality space!

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