Word of a worker - Heart of 43 Factory

“People often have coffee to wake up. I turn to coffee for DREAM. Dream of a day that coffee will be no longer a "hurry" drink. "

It takes just 30 minutes, sometimes 3 minutes to drink a cup of coffee. But it takes about 3 years for coffee plants to fully grow up. Is it too fast to enjoy a coffee within a few minutes without a single thought: the price of a farmer's 3 years and our 30 minutes is equal?

43 Factory has always told you about the story of coffee farmers who have difficulties in life, the Price C of coffee, about the obscure future of coffee farms. Today 43 just wants to write some word from deep down in my heart. 

43 Factory makes coffee with love and dreams: 
Convey the value of coffee to my dear friends
Connect people who enjoy coffee with farmers around the world
Expect farmers to have a happy life with their love - coffee farms

43 Factory turned dreams into missions: Factory workers always appreciate coffee beans; 43 Factory is willing to pay high prices to farmers, we sympathize and tell their stories to our dear friends.

Within days of writing about the sadness around the reality of coffee beans, 43 Factory hopes for the future of 3 years later: finest coffee beans every year, Baristas develop together, our dear friends’ company and the rise of coffee prices. Those will give farmers a better life 

Thanks to all of those factors, the coffee industry is enormously fruitful.

Photo: Cupsapp