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Finca El Lechero #130 – Lot of fragrant coffee from the mountainous land of Peru


Finca El Lechero coffee is a batch of coffee from the farm of the same name in Northern Peru. This coffee is the pride of the Ulises family – the owners of El Lechero. The coffee beans are famous because the quality is always guaranteed at the highest level. The light fragrance spreads the characteristics from the land where it grew up and is easily missed like the girl next door. Let’s find out more about this batch of coffee with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster.


Origin of Finca El Lechero coffee batch #130


Finca El Lechero #130 coffee belongs to the Yellow Caturra variety. This is a batch of coffee specially grown Caturra and Catuai of Lechero farm. It is a natural mutant of Bourbon coffee. These coffee trees are shorter than usual, when ripe, the beans have an eye-catching yellow color. The quality and yield of Finca El Lechero coffee is quite high due to inheriting all the advantages of the mother variety. In particular, this coffee is a natural mutation from Bourbon, so the beans have the characteristic of containing abundant organic acids. Therefore, the taste of this coffee batch is both sour and soft, extremely attractive.

cà phê finca el lechero


Growing conditions of coffee Finca El Lechero #130


Finca El Lechero #130 coffee is grown by Ulises on a 2.5 hectare family farm in the Cajamarca region, Northern Peru. The farm has an altitude of over 1870m and has a rather special terrain. Located in the Cajamarca area including highlands and valleys, the climate is equatorial, so it has a temperate climate and fertile soil. The area is not large but still has lush tropical forests and airy and cool sky. In addition, the place where Finca El Lecher coffee is grown stretches across the equatorial region, with high temperatures and heavy rainfall, which makes the water here always abundant with alluvium. The combination of suitable climate, soil, and water sources makes Finca El Lechero coffee trees grow strongly.

cà phê finca el lechero

In addition, this farm’s coffee farming process is characterized by organic development. The coffee lines are divided into small and medium batches to control the quality of the finished product most closely. They promote the conservation of soil and forest canopy to improve the habitat for coffee trees. Finca El Lechero #130 is one of the special lots planted in the shade of the preserved forest. Each coffee tree is cared for in scientific detail. Small variations in the growing process are taken into account and natural factors are used to influence the flavor quality of the seeds.


The strange taste of Finca El Lechero coffee #130


As mentioned, Finca El Lechero #130 belongs to the Bourbon coffee line, so the cup note evokes the freshness of flowers and tropical fruits. It is the scent of hibiscus flowers (hibiscus flowers), purple plums and black currants. The taste is very strange but evokes a very familiar feeling that makes everyone curious when enjoying it for the first time. Freshly brewed, hibiscus flowers from Finca El Lechero coffee spread throughout the room. The scent is not intense, but as gentle as the girl next door. Following the sweet aroma of flowers, the sweet and sour taste from purple plums and black currants begins to permeate each tactile cell. Slowly feel you will see that the sweet and sour taste is something very different from normal. It is a refreshing, refreshing sensation, characteristic of extremely rich summer fruit. If you take a big sip to fill your mouth with coffee, you will see the fresh, succulent, sour taste that is even more clear and attractive.

cà phê finca el lechero

A small cup of coffee but contains a special flavor. The scent is light but still full and attractive. Perhaps it is the special geographical conditions of the growing region and the diligent efforts of the growers that make the beans so wonderful. If you are interested in this flavor, head to 43 Factory Coffee Roaster for a fresh cup of Finca El Lechero #130.

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