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Vunga Washing Station

Washing Station

Vunga Washing Station


First-time cooperation: 2023

Cooperation model: Indirect Trade



Vunga preliminary processing station dreams of spreading the traditional beauty of Rwanda


Vunga is a small washing station founded by Daphrose Uwimana in March 2009, located in Nyabihu District, North West Region of Rwanda. Vunga CWS is located between Nyabihu’s characteristic steep hills and thousands of banana trees. The land is close to the border of northern Uganda and the western Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), receiving water from a natural source from the famous Virunga National Park nearby.

The Vunga preliminary processing station is a meaningful project of Daphrose to preserve and promote the country’s coffee cultural heritage. Before that, she noticed that the young generation was hardly interested in becoming coffee farmers, making the country’s coffee cultural identity increasingly disappear. With the dream of spreading the traditional beauty of Rwanda’s coffee, Daphrose is determined to invest the money earned from coffee to buy land to build Vunga CWS. Here, she not only promotes traditional coffee processing and organizes educational and propaganda activities about the history, culture and techniques of Rwanda coffee farming for local farmers and tourists. guest. In addition, through a focus on quality development and training young people in the community in coffee growing, Daphrose hopes to inspire young people to enter the coffee sector and continue to grow coffee. Rwanda’s specialties rise to world-class.

Vunga CWS develops for women and sustains the community


Vunga consists of a total of 260 members, of which 186 men and 74 women come from the surrounding areas. In 2017, the Pre-Processing Station partnered with leading Rwanda specialty coffee producer Muraho to develop a close-knit community owned and managed by women.

Vunga Washing Station - XLIII Coffee's Collaboration

Besides, to move towards a sustainable business model, Vunga CWS’s management team has worked with Muraho directly with small coffee producers, dedicated to improving farming methods and quality for the livelihoods of producers and customers. Last season through the FFS (Farmer Field Schools) program, Muraho developed a nursery of 110,000 seedlings (Kilimbi – 50,000 and Rugali 60,000) and successfully distributed them to the farming family in Nyamasheke. This program helps train and educate small coffee producers on better agricultural practices so that they can get more yields from their trees.

In addition, farmers in Vunga CWS are paid fairly, receive bonuses at the end of the crop, and provide second payments and health insurance to help them improve their income and quality of life.

Vunga CWS strives to improve quality


As a small preliminary processing station, Vunga CWS still produces high-class coffee batches that are not inferior to large-scale producers. The people of the Vunga growing area have made great efforts to research farming methods to take advantage of the gentle hilly terrain, the Gicice River, many banana trees and the cool climate that slow down the ripening of coffee in the area. produces sweet and dense coffee berries when ripe. What’s more, all the coffee produced in Vunga is washed, ground in a Penagos mill, and fermented for an average of 6 hours before being dried for 25-35 days in raised beds to create a complex, vibrant and tastes as sweet as marshmallows for coffee.

Because of that, the coffee here has been recognized with 4th place in the Rwanda Cup of Excellence with respectable quality. Or both in 2012 and 2014, Vunga CWS coffee twice entered the Rwanda Cup of Excellence competition.