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Nyagishiru Washing Station

Washing Station



First-time cooperation: 2023

Cooperation model: Indirect Trade



Nyagishiru Preliminary Station


Nyagishiru (Nyagishiru CWS) is a preliminary processing station belonging to Matsitsi Trading Coffee SU (MATRACO) high-quality specialty coffee farm. MATRACO was established in 2015 by Mr. Matsitsi Zuberi – a son of Burundi country with the dream of bringing the specialty coffee flavor of his homeland to the international level. More than 10,000 coffee trees in Kayanza and Muyinga provinces, of which two stations have won many prestigious awards in national and international coffee competitions.

Nyagishiru CWS is located in the middle of a valley surrounded by the Nyagishiru hills. This beautiful processing station is located near the Ruvubu River, northeast of Burundi and the Muyinga district – where the coffee is little known but produces most of Burundi’s coffee.

Nyagishiru is the highlight of Burundian specialty coffee


Nyagishiru CWS is considered a bright spot in Burundi’s coffee industry. Possessing a large area and fertile soil, Nyagishiru CWS cultivates up to 7000 coffee trees, providing a stable source of income for local farmers. In addition, Nyagishiru CWS has 200 raised beds, Mackinnon pulverizers, four fermentation tanks and two pre-flooding/floating tanks to ensure thorough and quality pre-processing. All stages of care, harvesting, and preliminary processing are carried out with meticulous attention and support from modern machines to ensure the final finished product is complete and uniform, bringing great experiences to consumers’ use.


Nyagishiru’s Sustainability Orientation


Choosing sustainable orientation as a striving goal, Nyagishiru CWS not only satisfies customers with quality but also contributes to rural economic development, environmental protection and promotion of fair trade. Through practical actions such as supporting seedlings for farmers to replace old coffee trees; Funding for the construction of schools and medical centers in Muyinga Province; Paying workers at washing stations nearly 60% higher than unskilled workers in Burundi; Offering a premium of up to 20% above local market prices to producers,…Nyagishiru CWS has established itself as one of the world’s leading producers of specialty coffees, bringing with it a sense of pride Proud of Burundi.

Nyagishiru CWS coffee is not only an agricultural product but also a work of art created by the enthusiasm of the people of Burundi. Each cup of coffee carries with it an elegant, sweet taste of fruit and flowers, ending with a pleasant long aftertaste as if it were to repay the great dedication and support that this station has for those who need it. Local farmers dedicate their lives to their hometown coffee beans.

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