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Nueva Alianza


Nueva Alianza


First cooperation: 2023

Cooperation model: Direct Trade



Nueva Alianza is the farm of Dwight Aguilar Masias from Santa Teresa, La Convencion, Cusco. He is recognized as one of Peru’s best coffee growers after winning the Peruvian Excellence Cup twice. With love and talent, Dwight Aguilar Masias has turned Nueva Alianza into a farm of admirable value.


Nueva Alianza has many ideal conditions for developing quality coffee


Soil, climate, rainfall,… are essential factors that create the success of a farm, but they are not easy to get. Nueva Alianza is fortunate to be blessed with many suitable conditions for growing and producing coffee.

Nueva Alianza Farm is located in Cusco, in the province of “La Convención”, Santa Teresa district with a dry tropical climate, sandy loam soil and rich in organic matter. Shade coverage density in Nueva Alianza is at 60% with shade trees Avocado, Pacae, banana, pumarosa, lemon, orange, tangerine,… Therefore, farmers can grow coffee trees in this way. Terrace cultivation in 60% shade with slope slopes below 45%.

Located at an altitude of 1800 to 1950 meters above sea level, the farm receives an average rainfall of 1300 mm/year, with many sunny days, very good for stable crop growth. Besides, with a relatively large area (8 hectares dedicated to coffee), Nueva Alianza farm can try many different coffee varieties such as Costa Rica 95, Gran Colombia, Typica Mejorado, two types of Gesha (red and gold), Pacamara, Marigyoppe, Bourbon. The farm’s harvest scale is about 213 exportable 69kg bags each year.

Not only nature, but people here also strive every day to improve the quality of coffee beans. Dwight Aguilar Masias – the owner of the farm is a person born into a traditional coffee family. Inheriting the fire of enthusiasm from his father and grandfather, Dwight constantly improves his techniques and understanding of coffee through great experiences from trips to Villarica city, Pasco department and professional competitions. which he participated in as champion of the Cup of Excellence in 2018, 2021,…

It is not surprising that Nueva Alianzal – a farm led by a thoughtful and talented person like Dwight – has the ability to expand internationally, apply many modern technologies, and constantly improve the production process at the same time. Ensuring sustainability and environmental friendliness.

Dwight Aguilar Masías - Nueva Alianza - Collaboration of XLIII Coffee


Coffee production in Nueva Alianza


Nueva Alianza grows many different coffee varieties with unique processes such as natural, honey or washed. Thanks to this diversity, the farm finds strengths and competitive products to focus on and further improve.

The farm uses a selective harvesting process and grinds the coffee (with a stainless steel mill) before pre-fermentation for 24 hours, then anaerobic post-grind fermentation for 48 hours. Next, the coffee is washed and bed-dried in a solar dryer for 20 days.


Nueva Alianza and Gesha

Coffee berries of the Gesha variety are harvested during the full moon; only the reddest berries are selected at their ripest time. The qualified coffee cherries will then be crushed without using water and then fermented in a cold barrel for about 30 hours. After fermentation, the farmer will rinse the coffee with water and dry it in a shade tree for 20-25 days.

With this process, the original flavor notes and acidity in coffee are maximally preserved without being changed or lost during processing.

The excellent quality of coffee is the reason Nueva Alianza is becoming more and more famous, attracting a large number of buyers from all over the world.


Nueva Alianza always ensures responsibility, sustainability, and traceability


In cultivating and producing coffee, Nueva Alianza is always aware of its responsibility to protect the environment. Farmers regularly take care of nature, not letting the growing, harvesting, and processing processes harm the environment.

In its relationship with the entire industry, Nueva Alianza does not allow gender inequality, price instability or accusations of not ensuring conditions for workers to occur. All production information (varieties, farming conditions, preliminary processing methods, farmers, etc.) is transparent, allowing partners to understand and check clearly.

Realizing that these characteristics are consistent with its five core values and four strategic approaches, XLIII Coffee chose Nueva Alianza as its new partner for the next lots of coffee. Let’s wait and see what XLIII Coffee will do to enhance the flavor of the eggplants from Nueva Alianza!