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First time cooperation: 2022

Cooperation model: Direct Trade



The Ninety Plus Estates are where the essence of the Ninety Plus brand experience. Located on the western slopes of the Barú volcano, these are the first and only places in the world where heirloom Ethiopian varieties of coffee are grown under the forest canopy at this scale.

Like massive ecological parks with coffee growing as part of the forest community, these pristine playgrounds include trail networks that connect experiential moments ranging from waterfalls and Precolumbian petroglyphs to giant trees, volcano views and jaguar bathing pools.

Today, Ninety Plus becomes the first of the new specialty coffee producers to open access to its industry-leading coffees to the world of coffee lovers and business customers.

Fundamental to their vision of having an impact at scale in our coffee reforestation model is sharing their brand culture fully and directly with their growing tribe of businesses and end users who embrace Ninety Plus and understand their work to innovate and transform the coffee farming model through our core values of:

They invest in processing technologies to diversify taste and take it to ever-increasing heights.

They invest in the coffee production teams of the future, paying higher wages and providing education and an inspiring lifestyle of coffee craftsmanship and nature stewardship.

They invest in nature by planting forest and shade-loving coffee varieties together, accepting a fraction of normal yields in exchange for a net positive effect in carbon sequestration and biodiversity.


The Ninety Plus Gesha Estates were designed with inspiration drawn from coffee growing wild in its natural habitat in Ethiopia. The Gesha variety, along with all heirloom coffee varieties, comes from Ethiopia’s understory of wild forests. These heirloom varieties of coffee live very long lives up to 100 years or more and produce relatively small amounts of intensely aromatic coffee.

Founder Joseph Brodsky had an opportunity in 2009 to acquire this large property (~200ha) and had a vision of reforesting its historic cattle farming land with native tree species while planting the shade-loving Ethiopian Gesha coffee beneath the canopy.

With the first significant production in 2014, coffee from Ninety Plus Gesha Estates was used to win the first 5 World Brewers Cup championships in 6 years. Ninety Plus Gesha Estates proves that coffee can be utilized to reforest and sustain tropical lands while producing the highest valued coffees in the world.


The Ninety Plus Barú Estate is named after the Barú volcano, the iconic peak around which all of Panama’s best specialty coffee lands are centered. The last seven volcanic eruptions have happened on the western side of Barú volcano, benefiting coffee on this western slope with superior soils.

Ninety Plus Barú Estates are located around a volcanic crater, a result of one of these last seven eruptions. The base of the crater is a 70ha plain at 1800 meters elevation, with the crater rim extending upwards to 2300 meters above sea level, a peak in full and intimate view of the monument Barú.

Ninety Plus Barú Estates are connected directly to the 15,000-hectare Volcan Barú National Park. Ninety plus Barú Estate, acquired in 2019, is planned to be both the high-tech future of coffee while embracing an Ancient “Jurassic park-like” feeling where large mammals still run wild. daily among the coffee trees. Exploring Ninety Plus Barú Estates, the explorer feels that he or she is back in time thousands of years.


Ninety Plus coffees have won and/or reached the finals of an unprecedented number of World Coffee Championships

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