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Neja Fadil Wet Mill

Wet Mill

Neja Fadil


First cooperation: 2024

Cooperation model: Indirect Trade




Established in 2017 in Guji, Ethiopia, Neja Fadil Wet Mill has quickly built a reputation in the specialty coffee processing industry.



With relentless efforts, Neja Fadil collaborates with 250 farmers in Tobitu Tuta village to improve the quality of local coffee. The mill focuses on meticulous production processes, ensuring quality and providing technical support to farmers. Committed to creating a stable market and improving the economic conditions for farmers, Neja Fadil also aims for sustainable development.

The rise of private wet mills like Neja Fadil in Ethiopia presents opportunities to enhance the quality and status of coffee in the international market. With high-quality standards and a sustainable development approach, Neja Fadil contributes to environmental protection and improves farmers’ livelihoods, while solidifying its position on the global specialty coffee map.

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