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Koye Farm




First cooperation: 2024

Cooperation model: Indirect Trade



Koye Farm, located in Gomma, Western Ethiopia, near Agaro in the Oromia region, is renowned for its high-quality coffee thanks to the dedicated care of Mustefa Abalulessa Abagibe. Situated at an altitude of nearly 2100 meters, the farm has ideal natural conditions for growing coffee, producing rich and unique flavors.



Mustefa, along with his brother Musa, manages the farm, continuing the legacy of their father, Abalulessa, a guerrilla fighter against the Derg regime. In 2006, Musa won a government award, which helped expand cultivation and develop infrastructure. The policy change in 2016 allowed direct export, helping the family increase the value of their coffee.

Musa and Mustefa apply organic methods and diversify income by growing avocados and beekeeping. Profits from direct exports are reinvested in infrastructure. They also support the community by providing quality seeds. These efforts are gradually making Koye Farm a standout producer of specialty coffee in Ethiopia.

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