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Kenissa Cooperative

Hợp tác xã



First time cooperation: 2024

Cooperation model: Indirect trade


Kenissa Cooperative in Ethiopia, established in 2018, has quickly made a name for itself in the premium coffee processing industry. With relentless dedication and effort, Kenissa has enhanced the reputation of local coffee, supporting over 300 farming households in Agaro. The cooperative pays meticulous attention to every detail in the production process, ensuring absolute quality and transparency. By committing to pay higher purchase prices, Kenissa not only improves the livelihoods of farmers but also builds a sustainable future.


Licensed to export, Kenissa has expanded into international markets, promoting Ethiopian coffee brands. The bond and commitment of its leadership, along with strict production standards, have built a robust coffee value chain. Kenissa’s sustainable development contributes to environmental protection, preservation of local culture, and improvement of farmers’ lives.

With its notable achievements, Kenissa has secured its position on the global specialty coffee map, inspiring similar organizations and aiming for a brighter future for everyone.

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