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Gura Factory AA

Washing Station


This coffee is from the Gura Factory, a washing station more or less that rests near the banks of the Gura river. Nothing industrious about this “factory”, except for the machinery to wash and depulp coffee cherries! Gura is one of 19 washing stations that make up the Othaya Farmer’s Cooperative Society, a coop-run organization.

These large beans screen size from Gura Factory – Othaya, Nyeri, Kenya makes for a lovely fruit-focused coffee at the lighter end of the roast spectrum, with complex fruit flavors that are tropical and ‘juicy’. A raw sugary sweetness is at the core of the fragrance and aroma… Altitude of the washing station is just shy of 1750 meters and the coffee is grown between 1750 to 2000 meters (mostly SL-28, SL-34, with some Ruiru-11).

But it’s the complimentary fruited smells that capture our attention: tropical fruits, berry, sweet citrus and a whole lot more.

With light roasts, we have a fruit punch flavor when brewed that’s like a tropical punch made up of pineapple, berry and orange juices.

A honey wheat flavor mingles with berry notes and leads to a lambic beer finishing note. Gura’s acidity level is a little more than moderate, a pulpy orange juice flavor and mouthfeel connects the rather complex flavor compound.

Its score is 88.