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Gisheke Washing Station

Washing Station

Gisheke Washing Station


First cooperation: 2023

Cooperation model: Indirect Trade



Overview of the Gisheke Processing Station


Gisheke is the latest primary processing station (CWS) of Muraho Trading Company, acquired in September 2017.  Gisheke is owned by Zoe Trading Ltd and managed by MTCo’s professional team. They not only monitor the processes at Gisheke but also ensure that the coffee here is of the same high-quality standard as other MTCo stations.

What makes Gisheke CWS stand out is its prime location. This washing station is between two high hills overlooking the green Lake Kivu and the majestic Idjwi Island – the second-largest island in Africa. Thanks to the cool breeze from the lake, the island is blowing alternately, and the coffee at Gisheke is naturally dried, creating a sweet and pure taste. Not only that, Gisheke is also close to Kilimbi – where there are favorable conditions for cultivating quality coffee. This is a great advantage for Gisheke to process and dry the excellent natural Rwandan coffee.

The unique coffee processing process of the Gisheke washing station


With a focus on specialty coffee production, Josue – manager of Gisheke CWS aspires to present his own identity, the country’s and the extraordinary quality of the Rwandan coffee industry to the world. He and his team have constantly strived to perfect each stage in the production, processing and preliminary processing processes because they believe that it is the most essential factor to create a unique flavor for coffee.

Coffee processing at Gisheke CWS begins with receiving ripe cherries from the farmers. The coffee at Gisheke does not undergo a deliberate fermentation process, but the berries are left to float in the tank overnight, for about 12 hours to remove any imperfections. They are then ground in a mill to remove the outer shell to remove the mucilage on the seeds. It is also at this time that Gisheke CWS workers will perform “kalimba” (a traditional custom of Gisheke). They will sing 5 songs, dance and stomp on the coffee to completely remove the mucilage on the beans. This not only creates joy for the workers, the appreciation of the coffee beans, but also helps increase the coffee’s sweetness.

Gisheke Washing Station - XLIII Coffee's Collaboration

Next, coffee beans are graded by size and density from A1 to A4 using specialized equipment. Finally, they are dried or sun-dried for 40 days in high beds. Such a prolonged slow drying process is to take advantage of wind, cool climate, cloud cover and careful care of workers to promote uniform drying.

Gisheke CWS has only been in operation since 2018 but has quickly built a reputation for coffee quality. Thanks to the support of the Muraho Trading Company and the experience of learning from other laundry stations nearby, the children of Gisheke have created coffee batches famous for their sweet aroma, elegant sour taste and texture. clean to satisfy the world’s coffee connoisseurs.