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Finca Rosenheim


Finca Rosenheim


First cooperation: 2022

Cooperation model: Direct Trade



Peru with its rich and diverse nature is the birthplace of many coffee plantations, including Finca Rosenheim – a coffee farm blessed with an admirable ecosystem. This paradise is surrounded by the typical landscape of the central forest area.


Finca Rosenheim is rich and impressive with 40ha of coffee land


Finca Rosenheim officially entered the production of flavored fruit products in 2004 after being bought by Mr. Mark Bolliger’s family in 1998. Located in the heart of the mountains, the farm possesses many features that make others jealous and envy. At an altitude of 1600m above sea level with 40ha of cultivated land right on the rich Andes plateau, Finca Rosenheim has enough conditions to nurture the attractive aroma layers inside each coffee bean.

Diverse ecosystems endow each growing region with its advantages and disadvantages, enriching the notes. Coffee beans from different climates will have their characteristics, unmistakable, making taste lovers unable to hold back but want to learn more.

In addition, Finca Rosenheim is also home to many wild bee colonies. The combination of bees and coffee flowers not only brings drops of pure honey but also helps the coffee flavor layer to change constantly.

Each coffee tree at Finca Rosenheim is cared for according to its own regimen


Coffee from Finca Rosenheim farm is different from other farms because they are grown and nurtured from the seeds at their own nursery without intermediaries. As a result, the quality and origin of the coffee beans are strictly controlled and transparent from the very beginning to the preliminary processing, ensuring the preservation and protection of the original flavor.

To have healthy, qualified sprouts, staff will select seeds of varieties Catimor, Caturra, Colombia, Bourbon, Typica and then send them to specialized growing areas. Each coffee root is organically cared for, following its own regimen best suited for its growth. Each coffee tree has a healthy growth process, observed closely, timely removal of pathogens or damage from the external environment without the use of synthetic fertilizers, chemicals. Organic matter is obtained from complex fertilizers and decayed coffee grounds. Grain texture remains consistently high throughout the cycle. This is the biggest advantage of the original single farming method that Finca Rosenheim is applying to its coffee batches.

Employees are always concerned about improving the quality of coffee flavor by improving the production, processing, and drying processes to optimize the aroma notes. At the same time, the farmers also constantly improve the soil, revive the forest, raise more bees so that the coffee can grow in the most harmonious and natural way with the surrounding environment.

Finca Rosenheim - Collaboration


The farmer cherishes each coffee bean


Not only the stages of germination, planting, and cultivation, but also the harvesting process, the farmers at Finca Rosenheim pay attention, meticulously step by step. Juicy, firm, round red coffee berries are carefully picked, sorted, and preliminarily processed by different methods such as wet preliminary processing, anaerobic fermentation, natural preliminary processing to release and sublimate the aroma. the taste of identity hidden in it.

Because of being nourished by the quintessence of heaven and earth, coffee batches from Finca Rosenheim have an intense, pure and seductive aroma.