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Finca La Palestina


Finca La Palestina


First cooperation: 2023

Cooperation model: Direct Trade



Finca La Palestina is located in the San José del Alto district of Jaen, Cajamarca, Peru. This family-owned enterprise boasts a rich heritage spanning over half a century. The farm not only produces exceptional specialty coffee but also serves as a beacon for sustainable agriculture and innovation in the Peruvian coffee industry.




Finca La Palestina becomes a coffee paradise due to its high altitude (1769m above sea level) and abundant, incessant rainfall. Situated in San José del Alto, Jaén, Cajamarca, Peru, 90% of the area is hills, while the remainder is lush forests with diverse flora. The climate and geographical conditions are conducive to livestock farming and cultivation. The climate varies with altitude: cooler in the highest regions, mild in the middle, and slightly warmer in areas within the Cochalán and Tabaconas basins. The temperature fluctuates between 18°C and 24°C, ideal for the robust growth of crops.

The superior natural conditions, combined with a love for coffee, the passion for exploration, and the expertise of the producers, have resulted in renowned coffee varieties globally. Coffee from Finca La Palestina carries distinctive flavors such as the delicate aroma of flowers, the gentle sweetness of cherry blossoms contrasting with the rich taste of orange and intense chocolate. Layers of delicate citric notes over a chocolate base offer users a unique experience not found in every type of coffee.



From its inception, Finca La Palestina was not initially intended for coffee. The once fertile farm was just meadows, but Sobeida Coronel Martinez saw limitless potential for coffee cultivation at Finca La Palestina, prompting its purchase and directed growth in 1951.

After laying the foundation for Finca La Palestina for nearly 40 years, by 1990, Sobeida Coronel Martinez passed it on to her three sons: Juan, Jose, and Annibal. The trio revamped systems and infrastructure, focusing particularly on improving quality and minimizing environmental impact, thereby elevating the farm’s production to new heights.

Finca La Palestina - Collaboration of XLIII Coffee




With a passion for coffee, the Sobeida Coronel Martinez family has always been conscious of the importance of the environment. To achieve this, Juan, Jose, and Annibal emphasize technology improvement, minimizing the environmental impacts of coffee production to the greatest extent possible. Thanks to these efforts, after more than 70 years since the inception of Finca La Palestina, two generations of the Sobeida Coronel Martinez family maintain the natural diversity inherent in the farm.

Cultivation, processing, and coffee production can all “attack” the environment if producers do not adopt environmentally friendly practices, handling waste before disposal. Environmental degradation leads to climate change, directly affecting the growth and quality of coffee beans. Protecting the environment is synonymous with ensuring the overall sustainability of the entire industry.