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Coffee Bean Use high quality coffee beans roasted Extremely Light. Degas time from 2 months to 6 months
Water Use water meeting standard mineral criteria
Coffee Machine Recommend La Marzocco Linea – Possesses the ability to adjust free pressure during mixing
Grinder Recommend E80 Supreme – own Flat Burr with large surface, super fast grinding speed
Filter Basket Recommend type 15gr – only used by Billet Basket
Distribution Tool Recommend BT Wedge Distribution Tool – use the type with the center top with diameter of 58.5mm. The Autocomb helps distribute coffee evenly and quickly, avoiding lumps and creating grooves, increasing extraction efficiency
Tamper Recommend Q2 – use flat type with a diameter of 58.5mm


Place the filter paper into the Billet Basket 58.5

You should use water temperature around 94°C, 5:1 ratio of water to coffee, 15g of coffee with grind size is 2 micrometer

Add the coffee grounds to the billet Basket


Adjust Autocomb to a compatible level

Adjust the BT Wedge Distribution Tool to the deepest level for distribution, repeat quickly turn

Then use Tamper with 10kg compression


Start your shot

Ratio 1:5. TDS 4% -5% depending on the level of coffee development.

The whole process should take around 10 – 15 seconds



Use two spoons to scoop the crema layer on the shot cup to ensure the coffee bursts and shows the original flavor.
Drink and enjoy

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