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Coffee Bean Use high quality coffee beans roasted Extremely Light. Degas time from 2 months to 6 months
Water Use water having standard mineral criteria made from 43 Water Tube
Dripper Recommend Kinto Alfresco Brewer – possesses good heat retention with Cafec Filter Paper
Grinder Recommend Fellow Ode Grinder  – own Flat Burr with large surface, super fast grinding speed
Electric Kettle Recommend Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle – modern and convenient design, allowing precise temperature control and easy to control pouring speed
Scale High sensitivity. Recommended Timemore Scale



You should use 250gr water – temperature around 100°C,

17:1 ratio of water to coffee, dose: 15 gr


Mix 43 Factory Water Tube with distilled or RO water


Grind 15gr of coffee to coarse fine grind (1000 micrometer)

Add the coffee grounds, ensuring they are evenly spread


Pour 5 times and add water every 30 seconds with 50/50/50/50/50ml water, respectively

Slowly pour more water, use a circular motion, and avoid the edges where the grounds meet the paper

Stop pouring when the scales read 250gr – the whole process should take around 2,5 minutes


When you’re finished, discard the used paper filter and grounds, clean the tools

Wait 5 minutes


Drink and enjoy

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