Nano Challa cooperative was established in 2004 by an initial 25 farmer members from the Agaro town in the Jimma Zone, Oromia, Western Ethiopia, with the aim of fostering unity and solving the problems – improving product quality and in particular, looking for good buyers. 

The name Nano Challa means “the area above” – a reference to their prime coffee growing location at high altitudes, benefitting from beautiful natural forest and rich organic soils.

But farmers there, with nature and love for coffee, cannot promote the development of the whole region.

Until 2010, thanks to the support of technology, connection, and finance from a Foundation, Nano Challa cooperative had a stronger foundation to send incense to the world. Technoserve Coffee initiative provides technical support and training of coffee production groups and connects agronomists with businesses to jointly improve coffee quality, debt management, reinvestment, and fertilizer. sponsorship flow to farmers.

The farmers with an initial instinct for living with coffee, with the love for coffee apparent like breath, they developed a professional coffee production process, helping coffee beans to be stored and preserved well. The original flavor and scent then could be broadly sent to coffee-aholic all over the world. 

Most of the coffees grown locally are organic by default and consist mostly of old, naturally indigenous heirloom varieties.

Từ hạt cà phê trên giường phơi nắng ở Châu Phi,  43 Factory Coffee Roaster  đã gửi cho bạn ETHIOPIA ARAGO NANO CHALLA COOP.