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In many perspectives, coffee makers have different roles.
To our dear customers, Farmers, Roasters and Baristas are friends
To people who work with coffee, Farmers, Roasters and Baristas are respectable jobs – small parts that support the operation of the coffee industry; and gear in a giant cycle around the world.
Hope to connect and develop the coffee community, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster sends to our companions a 43 FACTORY HUB: free Specialty coffee every day for employees in the coffee industry.

43 FACTORY HUB creates a community that helps people share knowledge, experiences, and taste unique coffee flavors from farms and roasters around the world. The taste of coffee is therefore more colorful within the experience of each coffee makers.

Whoever you are, a “coffee maker” or simply a person who create good values for coffee. Let’s set up a space for enjoying coffee in a sustainable way!